These five disabled makeup artists are thriving in a world that’s always dismissed them.
The rule follows less than a month after disability advocates urged the department to quickly finalize pending regulations and rules impacting disabled people in the U.S.
Proposed Justice Department revisions would set specific standards to ensure access to medical diagnostic equipment, such as exam tables and weight scales.
Hotel rooms are not designed with me in mind. But hopefully, that's going to change.
Willie Pye was convicted for murdering his ex-girlfriend and committing other crimes nearly three decades ago.
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The proposed change would make it easier for airlines to be penalized for damaging, breaking or mishandling passengers’ wheelchairs.
When I saw the wheelchair in the opening episode of “Fool Me Once,” I assumed that this would factor in to how the mystery played out. I was wrong.
The bill aims to incentivize employers to move away from paying disabled workers in Kansas below the minimum wage.
The decision comes after community feedback highlighted concerns that the proposed changes would vastly undercount Americans with disabilities.