don felder

The Eagles, with a few hiatuses between long and rather leisurely and extremely profitable world tours, haven't really gone away since, though together they have only produced the smash studio double album Long Road Out of Eden.
The band reached its highest altitude during the mid to late 1970s, when the single and album Hotel California cemented what Rolling Stone called their "note-perfect Hollywood-cowboy ennui."
Don Felder spent about a decade in the Eagles in the 70s and 80s, writing songs like "Hotel California," singing, and playing the slide guitar was one of the Eagles signature sounds. Now in his fifth decade, Felder recently released his first album in a dozen years, and his first solo album in over 30 years.
Approximately 7,000 respondents who took the poll on HuffPost vehemently disagree with the censoring of the word "goddamn in the song "Life In The Fast Lane" -- at a rate of 98%.
For 33 years, "Life In the Fast Lane" has been a staple on classic hits radio stations like WBPT in Birmingham, Alabama. Recently, some radio stations have begun to censor it.