east coast

A proposed bill would double the maximum prison sentence and fine for unlawful manufacture involving more than 100 plants and possession in excess of 32 times the legal limits.
The new edition explains how to ask a person's pronouns or deal with an unwanted hug and suggests cheering someone's divorce is bad form.
Dangerous wind chills have fallen below zero in many locations across the region on Sunday after the storm dumped snow from Virginia to Maine.
Blizzard warnings stretched from Virginia to Maine, but the city of Boston could get the most snow by the end.
People from New York City to Maine were awakening Saturday to half a foot of snow.
President Joe Biden declared disasters in much of the region, opening the purse strings for federal recovery aid.
Elsa was already blamed for one death in Florida. And the system previously sparked a damaging tornado in Georgia.
The company was hit by a cyberattack one week ago, prompting some Americans to buy up fuel stores.
The worst cyberattack to date on critical U.S. infrastructure has shuttered 45% of the East Coast’s fuel supply.
Massive evacuations on the Eastern Seaboard have been ordered.