Eating Disorders

The "Game of Thrones" star said keyboard warriors also accused her of getting a buccal fat removal.
The actor says her body image struggles intensified after landing her “Married... With Children” role: “It was very scary to everyone on set.”
Using takeout, chocolate or a glass of wine as your go-to “little treat” may seem like no big deal, but it might be messing with your psyche.
Experts reveal the most harmful comments that you may not realize are psychologically damaging.
Even if they’re well-meaning, these remarks can make some people feel judged, shamed and self-conscious.
"I was an easy target," the "Ally McBeal" star told The New York Times.
The organization fired staff and shuttered its helpline — and users were disturbed by the chatbot advice that replaced it.
"I lay in bed thinking to myself, with an ache in my heart, What if my dad had been his full self and saw me at that size?" she wrote of Bruce Willis' dementia diagnosis.
"I shrunk back into my body. They couldn’t believe my parents would do that to me. They couldn’t believe I was that bad."
The lifestyle mogul made history as the oldest woman to grace the cover of the Swimsuit Issue. But her remarks about beauty are troubling.