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The rule, which aims to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions, is based on vehicle emission standards California adopted in August.
Recent reports spark serious concern over vehicle safety following saltwater flooding.
The new plan, set to be formalized Thursday, will shift the national landscape for new car sales as other states follow suit.
The automaker said the stunt was meant to highlight its move toward electric vehicles.
With nearly 3,000 jobs at stake, Biden seems uncertain about using a veto, even as Republicans, a civil rights leader and a former Obama official push him to do so.
A fight between two South Korean manufacturers puts the already shaky supply of batteries for U.S. electric vehicles in jeopardy.
Trade lawyers call it “the nuclear option.” South Korea’s prime minister called it “embarrassing.” The question now is whether Biden will call it unacceptable.
By 2035, all new cars sold in the Golden State must emit zero emissions. But a new report asks: Will the workers who build them be safe and paid fairly?
Transportation is the greatest source of greenhouse gases in the United States. Why are all the 2020 candidates so scared to say it?
Automakers are showing off SUVs and trucks — and few electric cars — at the Detroit auto show.