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Accelerator pedal pads on the futuristic, all-electric vehicles have a risk of getting stuck, potentially causing them to crash, federal safety officials said.
The car giant said it was "speaking to X directly about brand safety to ensure this issue is addressed."
“I wish I was old enough to go to nightclubs. They sound so fun,” Musk posted from the account, according to a newly released deposition.
Musk is being sued for falsely suggesting a 22-year-old Jewish man was part of a neo-Nazi brawl.
A Brazilian Supreme Court justice is adding Elon Musk to an investigation over the dissemination of fake news and is investigating him for alleged obstruction.
While a handful of users were excited about the verification, others were frustrated, and feared they'd be charged for something they didn't ask for.
The last executive heading what was formerly called the trust and safety team, Ella Irwin, left the company in June 2023.
Right-wing influencers on X used the tragedy in Baltimore to boost their brands.
The federal judge in California said Elon Musk's suit was about "punishing the Defendants for their speech” and little more.
The charges from the National Labor Relations Board come after Elon Musk's company mounted a legal challenge to the agency's very existence.