elon musk

Residents of a small Texas town view the controversial billionaire's Boring Company with suspicion.
The social media platform was supposed to be canceled right after spoiled man-baby Elon Musk purchased the site. But, for some reason, we just can't leave it alone.
Lawmakers are trying to decide whether the federal government should bail out a failed bank that mostly served the wealthy and powerful.
"Prosecute me for what?" asked Fauci, who has previously referred to the Twitter CEO's attacks as "merely a distraction."
The rioter, Jacob Chansley, pleaded guilty to violently entering the U.S. Capitol, where he made threats against lawmakers.
The Virgin Islands delegate blasted Republicans for bringing in Elon Musk’s “public scribes” to testify on the supposed muffling of conservative views.
The independent journalist refused to confirm he made money from the project, saying instead that he “spent money he didn’t have before."
In just nine words, the Twitter CEO debuted what critics mockingly described as a damning new slogan for the social media platform.
The CEO also suggested that the man, who has muscular dystrophy, used his disability as an "excuse" to avoid work.
The Twitter owner reacted credulously to Tucker Carlson's selectively edited segments of Capitol security footage from the 2021 riot.