"Every night, as we turn off Logan’s bedroom light and turn on the baby monitor, we hold our breath, steeling ourselves for the great unknown."
"The EMTs asked me a series of questions to help evaluate my state of awareness. I had no trouble coming up with the answers. The issue was being able to dig out the words for the answers."
“'Give her time and she’ll surely catch up,' they said. 'She’ll be fine.' ... When Dalia was 9, she lost her ability to walk, talk, eat, and breathe without a ventilator."
The cyberattacks reportedly occurred during National Epilepsy Awareness Month.
The coroner's report described the 20-year-old Disney Channel star's death as a "sudden unexpected death in epilepsy."
"This is a fear I live with all the time."
Musician Kira Iaconetti had a form of epilepsy that was triggered by listening to or playing music.
These families rely on cannabis to help their children, who have epilepsy, control their seizures.
The drug, Epidiolex, reduces seizures in certain types of pediatric epilepsy.
“If a service dog without a person approaches you, it means the person is down and in need of help.”