The code "does not appear to contain any meaningful enforcement mechanisms to hold justices accountable," said Senate Judiciary Committee chair Dick Durbin.
"Sometimes I feel pressured to confirm that he's getting better. I can't tell him that actually, he won’t."
The former president’s son said his family donated "all the money" from foreign officials' margaritas at Trump hotel bars to the U.S. Treasury.
Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said the Supreme Court justice's excuses were "so preposterous that they're almost incriminating themselves."
The Supreme Court justice issued an irate response to ethics claims before they were published.
The highest court in the land is at an ethical crossroad, which actually shouldn't be an issue. But when your moral compass is going haywire, something must be done.
Mark Paoletta comes under fire for not disclosing he went on trips with Thomas and billionaire Harlan Crow in his defense of the Supreme Court justice's ethics.
A ProPublica investigation revealed the Supreme Court justice has accepted luxury trips from GOP megadonor Harlan Crow for years without reporting them.
The court acted as defense counsel in response to threats of congressional inquiries into its ethical lapses.
Kurt DelBene, the husband of Rep. Suzan DelBene, has been allowed to keep $15 million in future Microsoft stock for his family while overseeing a federal department that hands out massive tech contracts.