Brian Dorsey is a “rare case where those of us who sit in judgment of a man convicted of capital murder got it wrong,” according to a former judge who upheld his death sentence.
Willie Pye was convicted for murdering his ex-girlfriend and committing other crimes nearly three decades ago.
Willie Pye’s scheduled lethal injection is expected to be Georgia’s first since January 2020, when it halted executions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Discrepancies in a key testimony, a recanted testimony and apprehension from two jurors had cast doubt on Ivan Cantu's conviction.
Thomas Creech, 73, has been convicted of five murders in multiple states. Idaho has not had an execution since 2012.
Thomas Creech was sentenced to death in 1983 for killing a fellow prisoner.
Lawmakers introduced a bill they described as an effort at "kickstarting the state's stalled capital-punishment system."
Attorneys for Kenneth Eugene Smith are expected to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in a final bid to halt the scheduled execution.
Kenneth Smith has previously said that he is “terrified” by the prospect of being killed with nitrogen gas.
A report highlights the continuous failures of the state's capital punishment system, which executed eight people this year despite a declining death row population.