The Fort Worth Fire Department said there was a gas leak linked to the incident, but officials were unclear if it caused the explosion.
Police said James Yoo, 56, was killed during the explosion after authorities attempted to serve a search warrant.
Before Fox walked the report back, anchor John Roberts said it’s unclear “how long the people who perpetrated this attack have been in” America.
Two people were killed in the incident along the U.S.-Canada border on Wednesday.
Emergency crews are expected to resume working Sunday at the site of a deadly house explosion in Plum, Pennsylvania.
A loud explosion reportedly occurred at a western Japanese port during Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit.
An explosion at a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania Friday evening has killed two people and left several others missing as investigators begin to determine a cause.
The blast left at least 11 of the 39 damaged homes in the City of Evansville "uninhabitable," according to a fire chief.
A 57-year-old man in Queens is lucky to be alive after a transformer explosion last week.
Chief Michel Moore said five members of the bomb squad have been removed from field duties as the investigation continues.