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Fincher told The Guardian he was floored by the fact that some see the film's anti-hero as an inspiration.
The controversial congresswoman urged states to consider leaving the union based on President Joe Biden’s “traitorous” border policies.
Ben Shapiro led the right-ring attack by calling the movie a “flaming garbage heap” and then setting a trash can full of Barbie dolls on fire.
Spain’s Vox party, with its ultranationalist bent, lost support among voters, dashing its hopes to be a kingmaker and enter a governing coalition.
The extreme right has not been in power in Spain since the transition to democracy following the death of former dictator Francisco Franco in 1975.
His supposedly "complicated" politics are actually crystal clear.
But the Connecticut Democrat believes that both parties can unite to address the crisis.
Right-wing attempts to demonize drag storytime (and all who love it) are deeply mischaracterizing the events.
The GOP lawmakers, who have spent years becoming far-right influencers, are poised to hold a concerning amount of control over the new Congress.
Rhodes numbered among five defendants in the monumental trial surrounding the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.