Federal Trade Commission

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce immediately challenged the agency's new ban, filing a lawsuit in the conservative 5th Circuit.
Commissioners approved the historic regulation on the grounds that noncompetes stifle competition for workers. A legal challenge is all but certain.
Opponents of the deal say it would lead to higher prices for consumers and lower wages for workers.
A lot would change for customers, and most (but not all) of it would be for the better.
A women’s rights group asks senators to quiz the key Federal Trade Commission nominees about connections to George Mason professor Joshua Wright.
The company will be forced to strengthen privacy safeguards for children who use the Xbox system.
Progressive groups want the president to prohibit use of the agreements in industries that may lie beyond the Federal Trade Commission’s reach.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other progressives called on the Federal Trade Commission to resist pressure to water down the agency’s proposed ban.
The agency said banning use of the clauses would raise wages for workers across the country.
The Federal Trade Commission said Microsoft's takeover of the video game company could suppress competitors.