Joseph Washington is accused of starting a blaze that killed his 5-year-old daughter and two sons, ages 8 and 3, in New Orleans.
Video shot by a bystander outside showed a desperate effort to help those trapped inside, with one man trying to knock through a wall with an excavator.
The hotel heiress and her family were spotted at a resort days after officials pleaded with tourists to avoid the area to preserve resources for disaster victims.
A bystander shot video of the crane hitting a neighboring building before parts crashed to the street in Hell’s Kitchen.
The fire spewed thick gray smoke from under the iconic building on Thursday and caused two minor injuries, officials said.
“I was asked later if this was a hate crime, but I said the hate crime wasn’t who started the fire. ... The hate crime was the reaction after the fire," a survivor said.
Alicia Moore faces arson and child neglect charges following the blaze that police said left one child with first-degree burns, including to her face and ears.
Paige Ruddy was trapped in the second floor of a house fire at around 4 a.m. Tuesday — mere hours before her scheduled courthouse marriage.
Investigators believe the fire was deliberately set by a student who was upset that her mobile phone had been confiscated.