Gender Roles

Many parents have a strong reaction against gender-neutral clothes, but American kids dressed like "sexless cherubs" before capitalism and more rigid gender norms took over.
Guess who's responsible for more of the daily grind?
Stay-at-home dads share the frustrating and insensitive remarks they’re tired of hearing.
"I know honorable men everywhere are treating women like sex goddesses and queens, but I’m pretty sure that misses the point."
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Children's literature has come a long way, but many books still link girls with emotions and boys with tools.
President-elect Joe Biden's wife has said she wants to continue her work outside her White House role. That would be a first.
Many kids won't face a "normal" school year, so it's a great opportunity to tackle the false pink/blue divide.
"I wonder how many men are out there now realizing that the hours their wives put in caring for their children aren’t as easy as they look."
O. Stecina competed in the 2019 pageant despite not identifying as female, and it altered the way they see themself.