George Conway

The conservative attorney had a coughing fit of laughter.
Manhattan prosecutors are reportedly weighing a perjury charge against Allen Weisselberg, the former president’s longtime finance chief.
The former president "melts" when confronted with this, the conservative attorney said.
The conservative attorney did not predict good news for the GOP or Trump's rivals.
The conservative attorney delivers a stark warning to the former president.
Trump argues that his coup attempt is immune from prosecution because it was an "official" act -- but the election lie could run afoul of legal ethics.
"It's sad and pathetic, and it's an addiction to Donald Trump by the core of the Republican Party," Psaki said on MSNBC.
The conservative attorney butted heads with Elie Honig over the Colorado Supreme Court's decision to bar Trump from the ballot.
"Yes, I was confused by Donald Trump," the conservative attorney said.
The conservative attorney also suggested why the former president would be “on edge” about the testimony of his children.