George Santos

Just days after Santos ended his second bid for Congress, he announced he was bringing Kitara "out of the closet after 18 years," but only "for a limited time."
“The future holds countless possibilities,” the former Republican said, “and I am ready willing and able to step up to the plate."
Audio depicts the recently retired House Republican taking a swipe at Boebert during a local Rotary Club meeting.
The former New York congressman says he'll run as as an independent in hopes to make his way back to Congress.
The Republican anti-hero earned instant criticism for joking how Swift has a thing for "choosing the wrong guy."
Authoritarianism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat said the disgraced former congressman's planned return to politics was all about one thing.
The "Late Show" host spotted a disgraced former Republican lawmaker back on the House floor.
The former New York representative is making a comeback just three months after being ousted from Congress.
"George Santos, a man Republicans kicked out of Congress for being a fraud, is suing me for fraud.”
“Comedy is wonderful, until you violate someone’s rights, then you get sued,” said Santos' lawyer.