Greta Thunberg

A Swedish court has fined climate activist Greta Thunberg for disobeying police during an environmental protest at an oil facility last month.
The 20-year-old climate activist is accused of refusing police orders when she and other activists participated in a protest aimed at blocking fuel transports.
The environmental activist is graduating so won’t “technically” be school striking anymore. But she vowed to continue protesting, saying: "The fight has only just begun.”
The mean comment came during "The Five" co-host's rant about President Joe Biden.
German police have detained the Swedish climate activist twice in the past three days.
"The science is clear, we need to keep the carbon in the ground,” the Swedish activist said.
“Funny, but no,” said a spokesperson about the rumor the misogynist influencer was located due to his ill-conceived attempt to troll Greta Thunberg about pizza.
Promoting his latest film, actor Harrison Ford chastized the United States and praised Greta Thunberg.
The famed teenage activist wades into one of Germany's fiercest debates.