Halle Bailey

It seems some fans have taken issue with the "Little Mermaid" star's decision to keep her pregnancy under wraps.
"The Little Mermaid" star and the rapper have made a baby boy part of their world.
Rumors have circulated that the "Little Mermaid" star is expecting a child with her boyfriend, rapper DDG.
The singer released a teaser video ahead of the song's debut.
The rapper appeared to address being “insecure” about the "Little Mermaid” star’s fame in his new track, “Famous.”
Disney’s awkward retread of the 1989 classic attempts a more progressive story with a Black lead, but is ultimately shallow in every way.
The movie musical adaptation of Alice Walker's beloved 1982 novel will hit theaters Christmas Day.
The actor explained why she felt a particular connection to the classic song "Part of Your World."
The star of the live-action "Little Mermaid" appeared before Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle for a jaw-dropping rendition of the classic song.
The actor and singer described feeling “overwhelmed and overjoyed" that the movie is set to hit theaters soon.