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“So, um, basically she lied to all of us,” a National Park Service official told investigators.
Director Charles Sams wants visitors to the nation’s 428 park sites to learn about modern tribal governments, “regardless of the bad, the ugly or the good.”
Environmentalists had mixed reactions to the proposal, with some calling it an inadequate step in the face of looming climate disaster.
Protect the Public’s Trust has drawn the attention of conservative media and lawmakers for targeting the Biden administration. But on paper, it is a ghost.
Biden is laying the groundwork for a seismic shift in public land management ― one that treats tribes as partners instead of an afterthought.
The order establishes a 20-year mining ban on 225,000 acres next to the Minnesota wilderness, further crippling a Chilean firm's plans for a copper mine.
Zinke, who is now running for Congress, was plagued by scandals during his time in the administration, but the Department of Justice declined to prosecute him.
For the first time, the U.S. government is formally acknowledging the scope of its former policy aimed at erasing Native American identity.
Over 500 Native children died at boarding schools the federal government forced them to attend over a 150-year period, the Interior Department reported.
This week's auction grossed more than any federal offshore oil and gas lease sale in U.S. history, according to the Interior Department.