“I knew in my gut that something was really wrong — we just couldn’t seem to figure out what it was.”
Thanks to anti-fat bias in health care settings, you may think you need to lose weight to have a successful pregnancy. You don’t.
“'But,' my breath caught, 'he’s the baby’s father.' 'The sperm bank has many other great donors,' the nurse assured me."
Some fertility clinics are offering PRP treatment to patients, but there isn't yet solid evidence of its effectiveness.
"I hadn’t told all my friends and family that I had been expecting. But now that something had gone wrong, I needed more support."
"This is the part of the abortion debate that most Americans were not aware of until Roe v. Wade fell," said Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who introduced a bill to protect fertility treatments.
The actor revealed she had a challenging journey on "the baby-making road," giving voice to many who use fertility treatments but don't become parents.
"When I was searching for encouragement and answers, I found so much doom and gloom."
The same-day STORK test allows doctors to identify chromosomal abnormalities in embryos prior to IVF, during pregnancy and after miscarriage.
"Like a third of Americans trying to conceive, our path to parenthood was the complete opposite of a textbook experience."