Ja Morant

The Memphis Grizzlies star will also lose a sizable chunk of his salary for his "alarming and disconcerting" actions, the NBA commissioner said.
The Memphis Grizzlies point guard was suspended by his team in May after his involvement in another gun-related incident on social media.
The NBA analyst called the Memphis Grizzlies superstar a "bigger fool" than he thought for again brandishing a firearm on social media.
The Memphis Grizzlies star spoke up after he was shown holding a firearm on social media again.
The Memphis Grizzlies star was suspended by his team while the NBA said it was "gathering more information" on his latest weapons controversy.
The star point guard missed eight games without pay following an investigation into a gun-related incident.
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called the Memphis Grizzlies point guard's conduct "irresponsible, reckless and potentially dangerous."
The embattled Memphis Grizzlies point guard finds himself away from the team after his latest incident. But I'm not ready to throw him away.
The Memphis Grizzlies point guard issued an apology taking "full responsibility" for his actions.