Jack Smith

The special counsel’s team argued that the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection was “the culmination” of Trump’s scheme to undo Joe Biden’s 2020 win.
The Florida federal judge appeared sympathetic to Trump's attorneys' argument that they need more time to review materials.
The special counsel’s new court filing wants a federal gag order reinstated with time behind bars if Trump violates it.
U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan placed a gag order on former President Donald Trump on Monday.
A trial may offer clarity about why, exactly, the former president squirreled away government records at Mar-a-Lago.
“Looks like he’s boxed them up, taped up the box, and sent them to long-term storage,” said Glenn Kirschner.
Some 25 witnesses in the federal election interference case against Donald Trump have withheld information that prosecutors might be entitled to use.
The former president has a habit of using his social media platforms “as a weapon of intimidation," Special Counsel Jack Smith said in court filing.
The former president can’t seem to keep quiet. A new report claims he shared sensitive information about America’s nuclear submarine fleet with a billionaire Mar-a-Lago member.
Special counsel Jack Smith's office has been asking witnesses about the extent of Giuliani's drinking while he was advising Trump, The New York Times reported.