jamaal bowman

Jeffries, a staunch AIPAC ally, is not on board with the pro-Israel group’s efforts to oust two Democratic members of the House.
Greene responded by saying race had nothing to do with her calling Rep. Jamaal Bowman "aggressive."
The New York Democrat called on Biden not to negotiate with Republicans as the debt default date draws closer.
The two recently got into a heated conversation outside the Capitol, leading Greene to call Bowman "aggressive" and threatening.
"CNN, y’all trippin’ now," said Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) after anchor Erin Burnett asked if he had "regrets" over heckling the Republican.
"She’s not even using a dog whistle. She’s using a bullhorn," the Democrat said of the GOP extremist after their shouting match on the Capitol steps.
The exchange was one of several testy moments outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.
The New York progressive went head to head with Republican darling Byron Donalds and dropped a lesson on inequality in the process.
New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman lost it at Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky in a congressional hallway after yet another school shooting.
The CEO of the China-based platform is expected to testify before a House panel this week.