Jennifer Coolidge

The HBO star’s nod to this celebrity comes after a Twitter campaign launched to get her on the show’s upcoming season.
The "White Lotus” star also delivered the perfect raunchy message to her date, fellow actor Tim Bagley.
"The White Lotus" star discussed how her life has changed since the current awards season began.
"We swear we won't whisk her away to a palazzo in Palermo!" said the producer of Harvard University's theatrical organization.
The "Tonight Show" host also aired an eerie mashup featuring the president and Donald Trump Jr.
When Duff was asked about working with Coolidge in “A Cinderella Story,” things took an odd turn.
In an appearance on "The View," Gellar explained the hilarious way she ended up dancing "all night” with the “White Lotus” star.
The "White Lotus" star announced she would be reading one of her favorite poems before revealing an unexpected selection.