jesse watters

The host of "Last Week Tonight" spotted a truly baffling moment on the right-wing network.
Francis Ellis was heard panning Fox News, where he'd appeared multiple times as a guest.
The Fox News host suggested Pence should have engaged in criminal behavior. “I mean, he could’ve just destroyed it. We never would’ve known.”
Francis Ellis, a regular guest on Fox News, was caught on hot mic bashing the network.
“Single women ... have been ‘captured’ by Democrats,” Watters complained. "Guys, go put a ring on it."
The Fox News host sought to accuse his political opponents of being soft on crime.
The Fox News host, who in April chatted to DJ Pauly D about inflation, mocked the White House for hosting the actor to discuss gun control.
“It has a happy ending," Jesse Watters said of his methods. The two married in 2020.
Fox News pundit Jesse Watters has made a name for himself by promoting stereotypes on the streets of America.
“The guy should be fired on the spot,” the infectious disease expert said, though he accurately predicted that Watters would not be held accountable.