Jim Jordan

The California Democrat said he wanted to be the Ohio Republican's "online accountability partner."
A ticktock of Ken Buck’s unusual path from opposing Jim Jordan over his 2020 antics to supporting Mike Johnson for speaker in spite of his 2020 antics.
The trio couldn't believe the latest word on the former House speaker and failed nominee to replace him.
The Democratic congresswoman zinged the House GOP on “The Daily Show.”
"The Late Show" host also made a mockery of the Ohio Republican's would-be job title in the House.
David Jolly has a stark warning on what the next leader will really be like.
James Austin Johnson's Trump declared that he prefers "the Jordans who win" in an "Saturday Night Live" parody of the House GOP chaos this week.
Election denialism has been a core belief for House Republicans, and it helps explain their current predicament.
A majority of Republicans voted against keeping Jordan as their nominee Friday.
After opponents complained of intimidation tactics by his allies, the Ohio Republican saw his vote tally shrink for a second time in a row.