John Fetterman

The Pennsylvania Democrat isn't backing off his staunchly pro-Israel stance despite growing concerns in his party about its military campaign in Gaza.
The Pennsylvania senator used an off-color term to describe the longtime Republican strategist.
A spokesperson for the center said she was disappointed that funding was withdrawn “as a result of lies and distortion ... shared by extremists.”
Fetterman (D-Pa.) has faced criticism among the left for his unwavering support of Israel amid the nation’s bombing of Gaza.
The Pennsylvania senator snarked hard at the House speaker's determination to go after Joe Biden.
The Pennsylvania Democrat taunted his indicted colleague with some (paid) help from the newly expelled congressman from New York.
The Pennsylvania senator accused the California governor of running for president but not having “the guts to announce it,” according to NBC News.
The Pennsylvania senator knocked Manchin after Manchin called on the Senate to reinstate its formal dress code.
“People in their middle age talk about their mortality,” the senator told Men’s Health. “I’ve experienced my mortality, so I’m not afraid of it anymore.”