John Fetterman

The Pennsylvania senator accused the California governor of running for president but not having “the guts to announce it,” according to NBC News.
The Pennsylvania senator knocked Manchin after Manchin called on the Senate to reinstate its formal dress code.
“People in their middle age talk about their mortality,” the senator told Men’s Health. “I’ve experienced my mortality, so I’m not afraid of it anymore.”
The Pennsylvania senator explained to “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert that being disabled has helped him acquire an ability that pundits on Fox News lack.
The senator from Pennsylvania is known for remarks on social media that pack a punch – and he makes no apologies for them.
The Pennsylvania senator responded to “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert’s question about the awkwardness of running into lawmakers he’s taunted.
“Whatever kind of procedure that could bring about getting rid of him, I’m all for it,” the Pennsylvania Democrat said of his indicted colleague.
The Pennsylvania senator dropped a timely reaction after his choice of attire sparked Republican backlash.
The Democratic Pennsylvania senator slammed House Republicans as the country hurtles toward a federal shutdown.