josh gad

The Disney star’s support comes after the new trailer for the live-action reboot was disliked on Youtube over 600,000 times.
The comedian got lots of love from Patton Oswalt, Josh Gad and Jenna Fischer.
“A tale as old as time, our beloved Mrs. Potts will sing lullabies to us now from the stars," Takei wrote. "Rest, great soul.”
The comedian reached out to the "Frozen" actor's family after they binge-watched "Full House" during days of "darkness."
Your "Star Wars" theory was actually true! From a certain point of view.
The actor honored his friend and former "Marshall" co-star in a series of emotional messages and videos.
Would a little buzz really be so bad, wonders Cecily Strong.
Richard Donner was so surprised the cast thought he was having a coronary.