Deutsch, who is Jewish, also gave a reality check to Jewish Americans who support the former president.
“They hate everything about Israel, and they should be ashamed of themselves because Israel will be destroyed," the former president claimed.
The rabbis appealed to the global community to stop Israeli military operations in Gaza, despite the United States’ ongoing support for Israel’s invasion.
The rapper, now known as Ye, issued the apology after going on yet another antisemitic tirade.
“Adeel A. Mangi is a person of strength and good deeds,” 15 Jewish groups wrote to senators, some of whom subjected Mangi to Islamophobic questioning.
Concern about rising antisemitism in Europe is fueled in part by what happened to Jews before and during World War II.
HuffPost caught a sneak peek at the New York actor and singer's music video for her latest single, “(Everybody’s Waitin’ for) the Man With the Bag.”
"I began to ask why I had given myself this emotionally challenging task. I realized that I didn’t want to go."
The former president sees himself as exceptionally pro-Israel, and a majority of attendees at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s summit seemed to agree.