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The White House press secretary said the House GOP majority has to “figure it out and elect their speaker so we can move on.”
The White House press secretary and the journalist argued in the briefing room over “disrespect.”
"There are not two sides here," the White House press secretary said when asked about some lawmakers who questioned U.S. support for Israel.
The Fox News reporter tried to goad the White House rep into saying the Biden administration is enjoying the GOP drama.
“Would President Biden ever try to get out of a meeting by pulling a fire alarm?” the Fox News correspondent asked the White House press secretary.
The CNN host didn't let the White House press secretary off the hook regarding Biden's stamina.
“No,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said when asked if the president might pardon his son.
The Biden administration warned the reporter in a letter that further interruptions of Karine Jean-Pierre and press briefings will get his credential pulled.
The press secretary criticized a New York Post journalist who asked about powder that was discovered in the White House earlier this week.
The substance was discovered in a “heavily traveled area” near where visitors take tours of the West Wing, according to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.