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"Since the first one, we’ve been wanting to do [part] two," said Mitchell, who played Ed in the original 1997 comedy.
Mikey Day's Garland chillingly announces at a faux press conference: "I am the law."
But he admitted there are still "so many" bad things that people don't yet know about him.
Kenan Thompson Does Weather With Al Roker
"Kari Lake's" most pressing issue? Drag queen story time: "Men dressed as loud, sassy women introducing children to the joys of reading? Not on my watch!”
"Saturday Night Live" host Megan Thee Stallion thanked Thompson who "saved" her life as the deer crept near them during a sketch.
Meanwhile "Chuck Schumer" calls DoorDash for mustard on insurrection day, and James Austin Johnson's Trump drowns in word mash.
The "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper, actor and producer reportedly died in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
The television awards ceremony lost roughly 1.5 million viewers compared to its 2021 program.
The "Saturday Night Live" comedian put a new twist on "Law and Order" and "Friends" theme songs as he started his first Emmys hosting gig.