Kyle Rittenhouse

Lawyers have asked a federal judge to give them more time to serve Rittenhouse with a civil lawsuit because they think he's avoiding them on purpose.
The shooter acquitted of killing two racial justice protesters gave Donald Trump’s son a “guarantee” that he immediately said he didn’t “know for sure.”
The shooter acquitted of killing two unarmed racial justice protesters in Wisconsin responds with a plea to supporters for prayers — and lots of money.
“It’s just because of my name,” said the Kenosha shooter, who has traded his killing of two people at a racial justice protest into far-right celebrity.
"Our place is super inclusive,” the brewery CEO told The Texas Tribune. “We are super pro-law enforcement. ... We have a lot of gay patrons."
Gamers can play as Rittenhouse "using a highly specialized laser gun to strike down any turkey that spreads lies, propaganda, or liberal bias," says the developer.
The Kenosha shooter appeared to stoke his right-wing celebrity ambitions with a weird Capitol photo.
Canada’s Parliament unanimously passed a motion calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to designate the Proud Boys a terrorist organization. But some extremism experts worry the symbolic move may politicize a national security process.
Proceeds from the game will go to the acquitted shooter's "legal defense against the fake news," according to its website.
The acquitted Kenosha shooter said he's going to Texas A&M after falsely claiming he would be attending Arizona State in person.