Lauren Boebert

The president also had a challenge for the conspiracy theorist lawmaker and "Beetlejuice" fan.
The comedian reportedly felt "tricked" and fired a one-liner at the far-right lawmaker during an arena gig.
The president made a familiar sign as he slammed the Colorado lawmaker as “one of the leaders of this extreme MAGA movement.”
Oren “Hank” McKnelly pointed out a “math problem” for the Colorado Republican as she questioned him at a House Oversight Committee hearing.
The Colorado Republican was unable to directly answer Rep. Steny Hoyer's repeated questions.
The Republican firebrand is now apologizing to her constituents for her infamous "Beetlejuice" blunder where she was caught on tape vaping and groping with a date.
As of Thursday afternoon, the tweet was still up and had attracted more than 7,000 replies ― many of which pointed out her mistake.
The far-right Colorado lawmaker just can't shake her "Beetlejuice" controversy, even as the world moves on to far more serious matters.
Kimmel mocked House Republicans after they “took a break from fake-impeaching Joe Biden” on Wednesday.
The former president allowed himself to be nominated for the position. But he only received one vote, from Rep. Matt Gaetz.