"Was he hosting a group therapy session on self-awareness?" someone asked about the Fox News personality.
The embattled lawmaker awkwardly navigated a volley of questions about the biggest lies he's been accused of telling.
Two days after vote Trump's campaign team talked of the loss, then immediately plotted to push lie the Dems had stolen the election.
Trump lied about the size of his airplane, how much money he had, the number of floors in his building, even his own height – and got away with it.
The newly elected GOP House member has already admitted to lying to voters about his work and education history.
New York State has suspended Rudy Giuliani from practicing law for his role in spewing lies about the 2020 presidential election
Otherwise, it could have been "absolutely a lovely day," Trump told Sean Hannity.
Donald Trump's "letter to the editor" was crammed full of nonsense, but the newspaper published it anyway,
A federal judge ordered sanctions against nine lawyers, including Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, two people who spewed Donald Trump’s election lies.
GOP politicians are relying on Donald Trump — who attempted to overthrow an election he lost — to energize voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.