"Now that the Maine lobster industry finally has to mark its gear, it can no longer hide the truth," one environmentalist said.
In a draft provision obtained by HuffPost, Sen. Susan Collins (R) and others seek to void a judge’s order for stronger safeguards for North Atlantic right whales.
Retailers pulled the crustaceans from shelves after sustainability groups said the lobster industry poses risks to endangered whales. The Bidens just ordered 200.
The 1-in-100 million crustacean looks like "a gem."
The lucky crustacean was too small to eat, and was tossed back into the ocean.
Looking for restaurant-grade lobster, steak or lamb? It's more available now than ever, sometimes at lower prices, because of restaurant shutdowns.
Charlotte Gill says that customers who eat her cannabis-laced crustaceans won't test positive for marijuana.
TSA's catch of the day was quite tasty.