Lori Lightfoot

Brandon Johnson has begun his first term leading the nation's third-largest city, which will test the ex-union organizer's ability to turn proposals into solutions.
"Texas will continue this necessary program,” the Republican governor told Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused Gov. Greg Abbott of intentionally trying to cause chaos by shipping thousands of migrants across the country.
Getting voted into office isn't enough. Most Black mayors barely have enough time to truly turn their cities around.
The defeat of the Windy City’s first Black female mayor and first openly gay mayor speaks to the challenges facing major U.S. cities.
The third-largest city's mayoral election on Tuesday will likely go to a runoff before a winner is declared, with Lori Lightfoot facing eight challengers.
Amid a crime spike, a mayor with enemies on all sides – and eight candidates challenging her – struggles to find her base.
The Illinois progressive joins an increasingly crowded pool of candidates looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Lori Lightfoot.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called Chicago a new a drop-off location and a solution to President Biden’s “open border policies overwhelming border communities in Texas.”
The mayor of Chicago said she will work from home, something educators had also voted to do before she blocked them from teaching students altogether.