Love Is Blind

The Netflix series wrapped up in March with Clay leaving AD at the altar — but there's still plenty of drama that has unfolded since then.
The “Transformers” star says she’s “never had more people text me about something.”
“Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl, and to just hear her,” he said.
Netflix delivered a juicy reunion filled with secret relationship allegations, infidelity and a lot of drama.
In a world dominated by swipe culture and dating horror stories, the quest for true love is alive and well on the Netflix show. But is it really that bad to be single?
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In its most recent seasons, producers seem to have wandered off course from the show's central thesis.
On Netflix's reality show "Love Is Blind," Johnny and Amy are at odds over birth control methods. Here's what we can learn from their conversation.
Blackwell also acknowledged that her behavior in Season 6 was pretty cringeworthy.
At last, Jessica tested out whether Jimmy would choke when he saw her.