Maggie Haberman

“I think that people should not assume that that would not continue," said the New York Times reporter.
The New York Times reporter said this statement could hurt Republicans in 2024.
"He's sort of dropped something into the conversation, and Republicans take it up," the New York Times reporter said.
The New York Times reporter said District Attorney Fani Willis especially "bothers" the former president.
“He sees political advantage in continuing to say that he might pardon people,” the New York Times reporter suggested.
The former president's scowl was intended to send a specific message.
The former president remains the Republican Party's 2024 front-runner despite dozens of felony charges.
"Everything with him is about appearances and he wants to give off the appearance that everything is fine," the veteran New York Times reporter said.
But the journalist warned there's "a potential recipe for things getting a little complicated."
"I expect that this is going to be incredibly nasty and an X factor is what Biden running is going to look like," Haberman said.