The director's spouse, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, recently commented on the public's "bizarre" interest in their relationship.
The "Nashville" actor "never got caught," but instead said he acknowledged his actions in conversation with Bartlett before the pair tied the knot.
"It works," Daly said of he and his wife's unique sleeping arrangements.
"My wife and I are currently on day three of a silent argument of who is going to clean the lasagna pan that's soaking next to the sink."
"My wife said we need to 'evaluate the garage' so there goes my weekend."
"We went from having sex every other day to suddenly once in eight months."
It's fair to say these award-winning images are not your typical engagement pics.
There are wedding registries and baby shower registries. Some newly single people are asking: Why not divorce?
The “Forrest Gump” actor isn’t going to tie the knot anytime soon.
"My mother-in-law’s kid is the worst one in my house to deal with."