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The “deeply unintelligent” family member will “out-racism anybody, out-misogyny anybody” just for affection, said Donald Trump’s niece.
Donald Trump is suing The New York Times, three of its reporters and his niece Mary Trump. But already, experts spot a glaring error.
“This one, I think, we know the results already,” said former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.
Trump is suing his niece Mary Trump, The New York Times and three of its reporters.
The former president "doesn’t understand anything that doesn’t pertain directly to him," Mary Trump said.
The former president is the "least intellectually curious person I've ever met," Donald Trump's niece said in a scathing new attack.
The former president held his maskless rally in Alabama, which has run out of ICU beds as the state grapples with soaring cases of COVID-19.
Donald Trump's niece said it would be difficult "to find anybody in modern times who has so undermined our democracy" as the Senate Republican leader.
It was a family saying that always showed "a cruel indifference to somebody else in despair," said Donald Trump's niece.
McCain, who was not present for the segment, later said “there is no ‘good’ Trump family member to me."
She said it was important to understand that Trump’s relationships with his kids are “transactional and conditional.”
And the ex-president’s niece is “fairly sure” her cousins will flip on their father.
Donald Trump's niece shared a photo of a sunset during the former president's CPAC address.
Former President Donald Trump's niece said "the insurrection was a bridge too far" for her cousins to succeed in politics.
Donald Trump’s niece predicted a “pretty grim” future for the outgoing president.
"He is a physical coward but he’s perfectly happy when other people commit violence on his behalf," said Donald Trump's niece.
"There was not any truth in it at all, and if you listen carefully, he doesn’t actually concede the election."
“I think that this initially was probably an idea that was floated to him in order to assuage his wounded ego," Donald Trump's niece said.
The president's niece said he is "directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans."
It's not what the president is reportedly telling people right now.