Mehdi Hasan

“Nothing to see here," the MSNBC anchor said, before pointing out exactly what there is to see with Mike Davis' threats.
The MSNBC host named some of the "total sycophants" lining up for jobs with the former president.
The MSNBC host said the former president is showing exactly what he intends to do if elected again.
“I’m pretty sure that very same Republican Party that elected Mike Johnson to lead them would lose their minds,” the MSNBC host said.
The MSNBC host isn't buying the latest outrage from the right.
The MSNBC host dropped receipts to show a rise in hateful content on the site formerly known as Twitter since Musk's $44 billion acquisition last year.
MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan rolled the tape on the former president's comments on abortion.
Hasan explained how "three of the most destructive events of my lifetime" would not have happened without the billionaire media baron.
The MSNBC host broke out the video to show how Trump has "trouble even forming basic sentences."
The MSNBC host called out the media for giving the former president "a pass" on his most bizarre claims.