At the Jefferson Street shelter, migrants were left to face the deluge while carrying what possessions they could, before the city eventually reversed course.
The move comes amid intense political pressure from Democratic mayors and governors struggling to care for an increased number of migrants.
The Biden administration sued to get rid of the floating barrier in the Rio Grande.
As the heat rises in Texas, law enforcement is working to untangle a mystery involving the disappearance of a life-saving measure.
The new numbers came as bi-partisan lawmakers ripped federal efforts to protect unaccompanied migrant children from illegal labor and abusive sponsors.
Border officers have been ordered to deny water to migrants and push them back into the Rio Grande at times, the San Antonio Express-News reported.
A Greek news web site has published excerpts from the depositions of two survivors of Wednesday's deadly shipwreck off southwestern Greece.
The Republican governor has sent more than 19,000 people to various cities across the country over the past year.
Newsom accused the Florida governor of kidnapping migrants and sending them to California.
A group reportedly rounded up 15 homeless men and let them order whatever they liked from a diner in exchange for posing as mistreated veterans.