While she still occasionally models, she hasn’t walked a runway since 2015.
"I appeared in the iconic magazine's new equality issue and it was just as empowering as shooting for Playboy four decades ago."
I had to maintain my sanity in an industry that constantly critiqued my body, my age, and my 5-foot-5-inch frame.
Photos that include female-identifying and nonbinary individuals of all ages, sizes, skin tones and abilities are now available for the press and marketers.
It's taken years years of hard work to get to the confident place where this body-positive model is now.
It's a historic moment for both of them -- and the lingerie show.
The reality star opened up to Love magazine about her experience working as a model, and it didn't go over well.
Only parts of me were living the dream, and this version of the dream was not glamorous.
The Me Too movement and rise in awareness of sexual harassment has forced automobile executives to reconsider their use of “car girls” at auto shows.