Mollie Tibbetts

He ignores pleas from relatives not to exploit death of 20-year-old college student for politics.
The ugly call features a speaker who pretends to be the black candidate, using an exaggerated dialect, as drums and jungle sounds play in the background.
For women, there is never really a moment where we can be in a public space and not on guard.
Sandi Tibbetts Murphy wants everyone to stop exploiting Mollie's tragic death.
Her family emphasized her 20 years of life, not the circumstances surrounding her death.
Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, someone's lost cat and Post Malone.
The man accused of killing the Iowa college student can't get a fair trial without a gag order, his lawyer argues.
Her death is now officially classified a homicide, authorities said.
As special counsel Robert Mueller’s vise of an investigation tightens, there is nothing Trump would rather talk about.
The death of Mollie Tibbetts gave the Trump administration another excuse to bring up this hollow defense.