mom shaming

The heiress is receiving criticism for not living up to social media’s expectations as a new mom.
You might not realize how hurtful these comments can be.
Airing out ignorant ideas about what it means to be a Black mom is a great way to get dragged.
The “Firework” singer has faced increasing backlash during her latest season as a judge.
It all started when the "Cravings" cookbook author posted a photo of her husband and their baby daughter on Instagram.
Sara Beth Liebe called out Perry for "mom-shaming" after the show's judges made fun of her for being a young mother.
The 25-year-old mom of three said Perry's comments were "hurtful" and "embarrassing."
“Mommy shamers are just mean girls who grew up to be mothers.”
The pop star lashed out at mom-shamers on Instagram.