Naftali Bennett

New elections will be held on Nov. 1.
In a nationally televised news conference, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said it wasn’t easy to disband the government, but he called it “the right decision for Israel.”
The stabbing comes as Israeli-Palestinian tensions were already heightened by violence at a major holy site in Jerusalem sacred to Jews and Muslims.
Palestinian medics say 17 people were injured after Israeli security entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, just days after violently storming the site.
The shooter was killed by police, while Israel's Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held an emergency meeting with top security officials following the incident.
The small Western-leaning former Soviet republic is coping with an influx of refugees from Ukraine and warily watching Russia’s intensifying aggression
Idan Roll, the new deputy foreign minister, described outreach efforts to HuffPost. But Israel's foreign policy and human rights records remain controversial.
Sunday's announcement by Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett is a key step toward ending Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's 12-year rule.
After three previous inconclusive elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been hoping for a decisive victory.
Participants in a new viral video declare that kissing a stranger on camera is still "less strange than the [Arab-Israeli] conflict."