The son of the Los Angeles Lakers star said he was "blessed" to receive the offer following an unofficial visit to the university Saturday.
Florida A&M football coach Willie Simmons said the Real Boston Richey music video featured language "not consistent" with the university's core values.
Keyontae Johnson spent three days in a medically induced coma after he collapsed during a game between Florida – his former school – and Florida State.
The panel is also suggesting that testing should be limited to performance-enhancing substances.
The Texas Longhorns were stunned by a mistake in what's usually a routine play.
The "deeply admired" Brown is survived by his wife and four children.
“In this team, we saw hope, we saw pride and we saw purpose. It matters," Biden said of the Tigers, who defeated Iowa for the national title in April.
The senator said he broke his leg after someone tripped and fell on him during a victory parade for the University of Connecticut men's basketball team.
The postgame rowdiness resulted in 15 arrests and 16 people taken to the hospital.
The NCAA champion's take was echoed by many as the first lady sought to invite the losing team as well.