The voting software company filed a defamation lawsuit against the right-wing network in 2021.
The Republican National Committee co-chair's remarks ignored the former president's history of election denialism.
Eric Bolling really really reached on this one in trying to defend the South Dakota governor.
A court exchange set off Newsmax's Greg Kelly, who ranted about "hideous bias."
The lawyer's brazen new claim about the former president gets an instant fact-check on social media.
Eric Bolling got a dressing-down from some observers of the far-right channel over his Biden salad commentary.
Podcasters Tim Pool and Steven Crowder and Infowars host Owen Shroyer are listed as defendants, among others.
Rob Finnerty tried to list a number of President Joe Biden's gaffes before making a blunder of his own.
Critics slammed the ex-president's daughter-in-law for comments on a right-wing TV network.
The late-night host mocks conservative “weaklings” for their over-the-top fealty to the ex-president.