Sixteen-year-old Nex Benedict died the day after a "physical altercation" at their high school.
Bilal Baig, the show’s star and co-creator, tells us how they drew on their own experiences to lead with authenticity.
The groundbreaking Max comedy series sticks the landing as it wraps up.
Two other plaintiffs are also suing the state over a law that bans teachers from addressing their gender identity on the job.
On X, many voiced their collective grief and frustration with a culture where homophobic attitudes and violence go unchecked.
Che Flores begins their second NBA season as a staff referee but didn't publicly reveal how they identified until now.
“I don't have to entertain it and I'm not going to," the actor said.
Newell and Ghee were also the first openly nonbinary actors to earn Tony nominations.
The Republican-backed legislation seeks to legally define sex based solely on reproductive biology.
"My husband is not on board. 'Who put this idea into her head?' he asked."