north american aerospace defense command

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered the unidentified object flying high over northern Canada to be shot down one day after U.S. planes took similar action over Alaska.
However, due to safety restrictions, the number of volunteers has been drastically cut to what NORAD expects will be fewer than 10 people per shift.
The organization has been providing millions around the world with updates on Kriss Kringle's journey for the past 63 years.
The Coast Guard is searching for Dr. Bill Kinsinger, who they believe may have suffered from a lack of oxygen.
Experts weigh in on what stands between the president and a U.S. nuclear launch. Hint: It's not a button.
NORAD's job is to watch the sky for threats. Once a year, this task is pretty whimsical.
Human survival depends on our ability to develop non-violent means of conflict resolution that do not involve war.
NORAD is once again monitoring Kris Kringle's movements.